Night Baseball

Players: 3-7
Initial Deal: 7 cards are dealt face down to each player. (no one looks at the cards)
Betting: Ante is desired. See play for betting.
Play: The player to the left of the dealer flips one card over. Since that is the highest card showing the player can bet. The next player will begin to turn cards over until they have a higher hand. They then stop and bet. This continues around the table from player to player each beating the past player. A player can drop at any time if they feel they can not beat what is showing. 3's and 9's are wild and a player flipping a 4 get an extra card down. (extra card cast matches ante)
Winner: High Hand

Breaking and Entering (Dime Store version): 5's and 10's are wild and 2's an extra card.

Chicago Only special Game (White Sox and Cub Home town game)

Cross Town classic:It's a combination of Night Baseball and Breaking and Entering. The game starts as it does on night baseball. The game takes a turn if a 4 is turned over. A 4 in baseball is an extra card, at that time the game changes to Breaking and Entering (5,10 wild 2 extra card). If a 2 is turned at this point the game switched back to baseball (3,9 and 4 extra card) the game will then switch if a 4 is turned over and back if a 2 is turned. This creates a fun and ever changing game that can create a ton of excitement.